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Shipping goods from China involves a number of costs from packaging, customs clearance, and terminal handling to container fees and freight charges. The costs can be overwhelming especially for a beginner in dropshipping.There are many other shipping factors that can have a negative impact on your expected returns, such as long transit periods, fluctuating delivery costs, regulatory fees, and unexpected delays. You need the services of an expert shipping and freight forwarder with experience in the Chinese import and export market if you hope to get your shipment delivered timely and inexpensively.

At Global From China, we the necessary skills and experience you need to get your products delivered in an efficient stress-free process. We’ll arrange shipping on your behalf, whether it is a single product or a bulk order. We take care of all the shipping obstacles to ensure that your order is promptly delivered. Here are a few reasons why you can count on us for smooth, cost-effective, and hassle-free shipping.

Experience and Expert Knowledge of the Shipping Industry

It takes years of learning and experience to know how the shipping industry operates, especially in China. Fortunately, we have been shipping products from China to different parts of the world for many years and have expert knowledge on how the Chinese customs and shipping industry operates among other things. We know which freighters provide the best rates for each port of destination and other important shipping factors that affect the overall cost of your shipment. We’ll take care of all the cargo and shipping details on your behalf while staying in constant communication with you to ensure that the shipment arrives to you or your customers safely and in good time.

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We Have a Great Network and Connections with Carriers

Be assured that we’ll provide you with excellent shipping service according to your instructions and expectations. This is because we have previously worked with many carriers over the years and are capable of getting a cheaper price from the carriers than you can get when working on your own. We not only have connections with different carriers but maintain good relationships with logistics partners and customs officials too. You can count on our good network to help in the smooth hassle-free shipping of your cargo.

We’ll Help You to Avoid Delays

Delays are sometimes unavoidable in the shipping industry. A delay can occur any time from the time the product is manufactured and when the vessel transporting it leaves the port to the time it takes customs to clear the shipment. The actual shipping takes time too. For instance, it takes a minimum of 14 days to ship goods from China to the West Coast of the USA and around 30 days for the product to reach East Coast. Delays may be unavoidable but we help you to minimize or eliminate them as much as possible by ensuring everything runs on schedule. We are here to make your shipping experience as smooth and hassle-free as possible. Feel free to request for a quotation from our site or talk to our friendly customer support team for more information about our shipping services.


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